Ashley Ipakchi

University Relations & Marketing Development

I have worked in international education since 2015, starting in Perugia, Italy. I served as a marketing and student services intern and Registrar before coming into my current role. Working in University Relations, I provide support to ISI Abroad’s partners, as well as students and their families, by offering pre-departure and application advising, visa guidance, and even just chatting about what it is like to live in Italy!

Intern Management
In coordinating our internships, I aim to share my experiences with students looking to develop career competencies through analytical projects, web content development, social media work, relationship management, etc. all through the lens of international higher education.

At ISI Abroad, we believe that every intern deserves an opportunity to take ownership of their experience. Students who intern with our US Office will be given significant freedom when it comes to scheduling in order to foster time management skills and are each assigned a leadership role. Leadership roles are focus areas that give each intern their own area of expertise (SEO Content Development; Program Analysis; Social Media Management; etc.). Interns then collaborate with each other and with the rest of the ISI Abroad team while taking ownership of tasks that develop technical skills in their assigned leadership area and beyond.

The International Studies Institute in Florence, Italy
The Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy
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