Advanced Italian Grammar & Composition

Each course is 1-month in duration and equivalent to a 4-credit semester language course.

Level Four courses accept students who have attended the second level Intermediate course (B2) or students who have been placed in C1 as a result of the placement exam. Also students who have a CELI 3 (the internationally recognized certificate of Italian language proficiency issued by the Università per Stranieri) or an equivalent Italian Language Certificate issued by institutions similar to the Università, have direct access to the C1 level.

Based on the results of the proficiency test, students will be placed into one of the following courses:

ITAL 401 Advanced Intermediate Italian I – 4 credits
(Università level C1.1)

ITAL 402 Advanced Intermediate Italian II – 4 credits
(Università level C2.2)

ITAL 403 Advanced Intermediate Italian III – 4 credits
(Università level C3.3)

The objective of the course is to train you to use the language almost effortlessly, in its oral as well as written forms, in a natural and spontaneous manner. You must be able to make yourself easily understood even if the expressions you use are not always correct and accurate. You must have good mastery of a broad lexical repertory in different areas sufficient to allow you to understand specialized articles in newspapers and magazines. In terms of communication, you must be able to choose the most suitable language functions from your repertoire in order to speak and maintain a conversation and be able to express your points of view using a language that is not only appropriate but also efficient for communicative purposes. You must be able to write clear and well-structured texts on both straightforward and complicated topics.

Main Grammar Points covered in Level 4
The program includes a revision of all the grammatical elements of the Italian language (see also the program at level B2), aimed at activating a superior competence of use, suitable for situations that require an advanced knowledge and property of the language. The teaching activity will involve different lexical, usage and context levels (different communicative situations, family, work, social relations, school-university, literary), as well as register (formal or informal situations).

Elective courses that may be chosen by students at this level include (2 credits each):

ITAL 490                          Advanced Italian Conversation: Aspects of Italian Culture

ITAL/ARTH 491              History of Italian Art

ITAL/THEA 492              History of Italian Theater

ITAL/FLM 493                 History of Italian Cinema

ITAL/MUS 494                History of Italian Music

ITAL/LIT 495                   Italian Literature

These courses may be taken concurrently, subsequently or independently of Grammar courses

Monday to Friday: 3:00-3:50pm, 4:00-4:50pm

Optional Early local times
Monday to Fridays- 9:00am-9:50am, 10:00am-10:50am

Choice 1: Monday and Thursday: 17:00-17:50 and 18:00-18:50
Choice 2: Tuesday and Friday: 14:00-14:50 and 15:00-15:50

Optional Early local times for students
Choice3: Monday and Thursday: 11:00-11:50 and 12:00-12:50
Choice 4: Tuesday and Friday: 11:00-11:50 and 12:00-12:50

To be scheduled by Instructor and Student