ART 215 – Photography as a Visual Language of Culture and Media

Note: Online courses will only run with sufficient enrollments.

Taking photographs is something that most of us do every day. What are we photographing? Why? How can we take photographs that are more effective that convey and communicate our intentions?  Students will learn basic concepts, processes and techniques including camera usage, exposure controls, editing and manipulating digital photographic images. We will learn how light, composition, viewpoint and creativity can be used to create stunning and meaningful images.  We will explore the cultural phenomenon of photography and the role it plays in society, past and present.

No previous photographic experience is required. Any type of digital camera can be used. Whether you’re interested in learning how to effectively use that daunting looking single lens reflex camera that you’ve kept on auto until now, or if the only camera you have is more of a phone than a camera, this is the class for you.  The magic of photography lies in your ability to see a good photograph before you’ve even pressed the button.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera” Dorothea Lange

Students will have:
– developed an understanding of photographic language;
– Learned how to use their camera effectively
– acquired a more critical eye in evaluating and reading photographic images;
– achieved proficiency in editing and optimizing digital images; and
– gained insight into the creation, use, and presentation of photographic images.

Required Material
Any camera or device that is able to take photographs (single lens reflex cameras and cell phone cameras welcome.