ART/PSYC 250: Art Therapy

Note: Online courses will only run with sufficient enrollments.

Art therapy uses different forms of creative expression to help people explore and transform feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It can help to process and cope with emotional issues as well as facilitate self-awareness, understanding, healing, and well-being. Art therapy can be especially useful for people who find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and emotions.

In this course, students will examine theories and models of art therapy from an international and cross-cultural perspective. In a groundbreaking online experience, students will discuss readings, share experiences, work together remotely, and participate in art therapy activities online and at home. Students will increase their understanding of the history, theory, practice, and applications of art therapy in various settings.

This course is of particular interest for students majoring in Psychology, Communications, Art, Human Development, Special Education, Disability Studies, and Occupational Therapy. Students who commit to this course should keep an open mind, be motivated to actively learn, and be flexible.

No artistic aptitude or background is expected or necessary.