CEP 401 – Cultural Engagement Virtual Internship: Becoming a Tour Guide for the Florence Civic Museum

Note: Online courses will only run with sufficient enrollments.


Number of Internships Available

Host Institution
Mus.e Firenze

Course Structure
12 hours per week (practicum); 120 hours total
1.5 hours per week (seminar); 18 hours total

Location and Travel
Remote Work/Online Learning


The main goal of this online internship is twofold. First, we want students to gain a deep knowledge of the main civic museums in Florence (such as Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Stefano Bardini, and the Brancacci Chapel), all of which are rich in both art and history. Second, we aim at teaching them to organize and communicate virtual art history tours to a varied audience (ranging from children to seniors) by developing a personal visual language.

This internship is designed for students with communication skills, a curiosity for history, ancient art and architecture, and a desire to broaden their cultural perspectives. As is true of all internships, students who commit to it should keep an open mind, be motivated to actively learn, and be flexible. From an academic point of view, this activity is of particular interest for students majoring in Art History, Architecture, Museum Studies, History, and Communication.