MGMT 320 – Family Business in Italy

Note: Online courses will only run with sufficient enrollments.


Some of the world’s best-known brands are derived from Italian family businesses.  Family businesses globally employ more people, contribute more GDP, account for more innovation, more jobs and more profitability than their corporate rivals, yet are rarely appreciated.

So why is that and why in Italy does the Family business model endure?  This course will examine the good, the bad and certainly La Bella Figura of Italian Family Business; from Entrepreneurship to World Domination (FCA, Luxottica, The Medici), from Finance to Strategy (Ferrari and Gucci), from Management to Marketing (Eataly), from Culture to Values and Ethics (Parmalat). Students will learn this full range of business know-how through lectures, real-life case studies and projects.

This course is suitable both for those that have an interest in business, but no academic background in the subject and for those that are studying business and want to be able to see the subject from a different perspective.