ISXX 498: Independent Research

Course Description
The Independent Research course is a student-centered learning experience that provides deeper academic understanding of a specific topic. This course will engage you in advanced research on your interests with the support of a faculty mentor and is ideal for those who have previously studied a particular topic and would like to explore a narrower aspect through individual research.

Students must submit a detailed research proposal to the Academic Coordinator, Zachary Nowak at [email protected]. Once approved, an appropriate faculty member will then be identified as the advisor. The student and the faculty member will develop a more detailed proposal, bibliography, project design, and a project timeline. Students will work independently and meet bi-weekly with the professor to discuss their progress.

Students will submit the final draft of the independent study during the sixth week of the class and present it to the professor. Projects will be shared with the faculty committee for review.

Independent study projects are evaluated based on the successful completion of the research proposal, the final presentation of the project and submission of a full-length study.

Please Note: As is this is customized on-on-one course with an expert faculty member, additional charges will apply. Fees may vary based on discipline.