MKTG 431 – Digital Branding: Italian Fashion & Luxury

Note: Online courses will only run with sufficient enrollments.

Digital technologies have radically changed our ways of starting, growing and scaling a business. Now more than ever luxury and fashion brands are leveraging the powers of technology to build a community, engage their audience and validate their products. As the threshold to entrepreneurship has significantly lowered, competition is becoming more fierce and startup businesses need to be led by innovative strategies capable of maintaining high-profit margins while keeping assets light.

In this course, students will learn about the new dynamics of the fashion and luxury industries when it comes to digital entrepreneurship.  Students will learn how to plan, launch, and scale a fashion and luxury brand through lectures, real-life case studies and hands-on research. The course will allow participants to understand what needs to be done in order to create an aspirational brand image, how to identify and exploit a market opportunity and to achieve service and post-purchase excellence. Lastly, the course will address how a company blueprint can be brought to life, by identifying the right funding strategies to get a business running.